Þyngdarafl (Gravity)

Directors notes

The starting point to Þyngdarafl was when I wrote this image down on a post-it note: "thee people are on top of a building, waiting for the end of the world, one of them is in a wheelchair". It wasn't a groundbreaking idea, but it felt powerful enough to make me feel that I had the first ingredient of a story that seemed intimate and minimalistic but had the potential to grow epic in scope through dialogue and pacing; Tarkofsky's "Stalker" is a direct influence.

I wanted to tell a Sci-Fi story that could happen today, where the science and the fiction doesn't surround the characters but comes from them.

In the writing process, the "End of the World" theme mutated and the dark humor angle I had chosen to start with changed into some sort of "sweet drama" as I let the characters, then the actors drive and drag the story and each other - and potentially the viewer too - into different realities.

Production Information

  • Original title: Þyngdarafl
  • English title: Gravity
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi
  • Language: Icelandic
  • Director: Logi Hilmarsson
  • Scriptwriter: Logi Hilmarsson
  • Main cast: Magnús Guðmundsson; Magnea Valdemarsdóttir; Damon Younger
  • Editor: Logi Hilmarsson
  • Cinematographer: Omar Jabali
  • Sound design: Nicolas Liebing, Ester Bíbí Ásgeirsdóttir
  • Producers: Logi Hilmarsson, Snorri Fairweather
  • Co-producers:
    • Production company: Angry Dancer Productions
  • Country: Iceland
  • Sound: Stereo 2.0; Surround 5.1 (on the DVD)
  • Length: 19 min
  • Aspect ratio: 2:35.1
  • Production format: Sony HDCAM 35mm
  • National premiere date and year: 7 Mars 2010
  • International release: (Country & Festival)
  • Iceland Northern Waves


  • Northern Waves Grundafjörður 2010
  • Suttmyndadagar Reykjavíkur 2010
  • RIFF 2010
  • Nordisk Panorama (Norway) 2010
  • Tinklai 2010 Lithuania
  • Reykjavík Short and docs
  • Tribeca 2011
  • Cannes Market (Scandinavian shorts) 2011