Music videos

Jara ­ Hope

Directed by Logi Hilmarsson. A Sci-fi Biopic in four minutes that takes us through Jara´s life in outer space. Inspired by the words of Jara, the works of french artist Moebius, Tibetan Buddism, Kundalini Yoga and some other things probably.

Immo- I.M.M.O

Directed by Logi Hilmarsson. A fluid, uninterrupted rap video distorting time and space, letting us follow all five versions of Artist Immo as he/they interact(s) with himself/another.

Cryptochrome- Pleasant View

Directed by Logi Hilmarsson. Psychedelic Lyrics, Gothic Imagery, Life and death, Female and Male, Yin and Yang, Skies and Waters, Drowning, Levitating… You know...

Forgotten Lores - Dansaðu (Dance)

Directed by Logi Hilmarsson. Shot with a twenty year old TV Studio camera connected to a super VHS recorder, this video takes us on a journey from the set of an infamous Icelandic variety show to the depths of outer space in the style of a late 1980's that never was... Pop culture references abound.