About Angry Dancer

Angry Dancer is an Icelandic film production company and collective founded and controlled by Film writers and directors, we have been making short films and music videos since 2009. We don't have an agenda or a formula other than doing our best to keep challenging ourselves to be original, and be bold when it comes to story and narrative structure in the realm of professional, polished filmic objects.

Logi Hilmarsson (co-founder)

Born in Reykjavik, Iceland to a French mother in August 1985, Moved to Marseille, France in 1992. Moved back to Reykjavik, where he is still based, in 2005, and studied film in both countries. Worked on various local icelandic or foreign TV documentaries, fiction, commercials and feature films as a Camera assistant, in art direction, gripping, P.A., editing and visual effects.

Selected recent filmography:

  • Cryptochrome - Pleasant View (Music Video) Director, Editor.
  • Jara - Hope (Music Video) Director, Editor, Visual Effects.
  • Immo - I.M.M.O. (Music Video) Director.
  • Nuno, directed by Haraldur Sigurjónsson (in production), Co-writer, producer
  • Dansaðu - Forgotten Lores (Music Video) - Director, Editor, Visual effects.
  • Þyngdarafl "Gravity" (short film) - Screenwriter/ Director/ Editor/Visual Effects
  • Hrafnagaldur Óðins "Odins Raven Magic" (full length documentary about theology, music and the future of humanity. In Post production, started in 2008) - Director, DOP, Editor

Snorri Fairweather (co-founder)

Born in Keflavík, Iceland to an Icelandic mother and Surinamese father in December 1985. He lived back and forth between Iceland and the U.S. for most of his childhood. After a stint at Icelandic Film school in 2006, he has been steadily working in the Camera Unit of pretty much every large sized project that gets shot locally.

Selected filmography

  • Tvöföld Tilvera (double existence) - Writer/Director
  • Veran (the creature) - Writer/Director
  • Eins manns andlit (one man's face) - Writer/Director/Cinematographer

Haraldur Sigurjónsson

Born: 14. november 1974. He first studied at New York Film Academy between 1996 and ‘97... After that, worked 12 years for TV. Mostly editing TV shows, commercials, music videos and documentaries for other people. Yet, also directing, shooting and producing TV shows, commercials, music videos and documentaries of his own. Getting bored with TV in 2008, he went back to film school in 2009, The Icelandic Film School, on a 2 years course, studying scriptwriting and directing. Graduated in december 2010 with an award winning film, called Angel. Now he also teaches there. (scriptwriting and editing).

After Logi Hilmarsson helped him with the production of his final film school project (Angel), a writing alliance bloomed between the two creators and "NUNO" will soon be ready as the latest and maybe the largest in Scale and Scope of the Angry Dancer Productions.


  • Nuno, in production, Director/Co-Writer
Short films:
  • Joe Fisk: a Portrait - 8 min, b/w, 16 mm - made at N.Y.F.A. 1997
  • Krummafótur (Wrong Way Round) - 19 min, HDDV - Icelandic Film School 2009
  • Áttu vatn? (Got Water?) - 17 min, HDDV - I.F.S 2010
  • Crew - 21 min, HD - I.F.S. 2010
  • Engill (Angel) - 12 min. Cannon 5D - I.F.S. 2011
  • "Nu-rock in Reykjavik" VHS. 52 min. 1995 (about the Icelandic music scene in 1995)
  • "Steinn Steinarr: The Poet" BETA, 52 min, 2001 (About one of the greatest Icelandic poets of all time)
  • "Galdrastef á ströndum 2001" DV, 54 min, 2002 (About the Witchcraft festival in Bjarnafjord 2001 (Featuring Sigur Rós) and the history of Iclandic witchcraft)
  • "Minus" - still in production (2004 - ?) (About the legendery rockband Minus and the rock and roll lifestyle)
  • "STÓNS" - in production (2009 - ?) (About the very good Rolling Stones tribute band Stóns and there trouble with there singer, who is stuck in character as Mick Jagger. A mockumentary)

Vera Sölvadóttir

Vera Sölvadóttir was born in Reykjavík Iceland in 1981. She has worked on various documentaries and feature films, both in France and in Iceland. She is a part time teacher at the Icelandic Film School. Vera has always been committed to performance and is a member of the Icelandic pop band BB&BLAKE.


MASTER 2 PROFESSIONNEL Réalisation et scénario: MASTER 2 in script writing and film-directing. Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris I.
MAITRISE : MA in film studies. Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris I.
LICENCE : BA in theatre and film studies (Arts du Spectacle). Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux III.

Selected filmography:

  • Birds Short. In post production. Prod. Wonderfilms and Angry Dancer Productions. Director. Scriptwriter. Iceland.
  • Heart to Heart 5 min. Short film, Prod.Wonderfilms and Angry Dancer. Director, Scriptwriter. Iceland.
  • Burkina Faso 8600 KM 52 min. Documentary, Prod. Thetta Líf, Thetta Líf. Co-Director. West-Africa.
  • Monsieur Hyde 14 min, Prod. La Pieza Films. Short film. Director, Scriptwriter. France/ Iceland.
  • The Last Song 26 min. Documentary, Prod. La Pieza Films. Director, Scriptwriter. Iceland.

Music Videos

  • Good or Bad Music video. In post production. Prod. BB&BLAKE. Iceland
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi Offical Eurovision Music Video. Iceland.
  • Mustang Music video for BB&BLAKE. Iceland.